An e-learning platform integrated with student information system supports course authoring, assignment distribution, grading, forums, and more.


  • Portal for Student, Faculty and Management
  • Dash Board
  • User Access control
  • Manage Programme, course and semester
  • User Profile
  • Student status management
  • Timetable management, change of classroom and rescheduling
  • Semester wise Course Registration
  • Course information and assignment sharing
  • Assignment submission
  • Student’s Attendance (with smart card integration)
  • Student’s Portfolio
  • Examination, Grading and Transcripts
  • Course Evaluation
  • Event/Holiday Calendar
  • Notification & Discussion forum
  • Integrated communication
  • Leave requests/tracking
  • Placement
  • Job posting and application management
  • Hostel management and allocation
  • Seamless integration with other add on application

A learning platform with integrated Student Information system designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments as well as allow effective management of other academic or administrative processes.