Simple Solutions For Complex Challenges

"First, solve the problem. Then, write the code." – John Johnson

Before articulating your dream into reality, we realize the need for having a deep understanding of the essence of your requirement. We do not see the project as a regular coding business, instead, we plan and strategize the Minimum Viable Product that can be delivered to you in a specific time and budget constraints. So, as you come up to us with your requirements and challenges, we put on our thinking caps and brainstorm the best possible solutions for your ideas through consulting sessions and workshops. With the rough sketch and documentation of the product, we start off with the first iteration.

Halfway Through But Need A Solution?

Ongoing projects often slump down after a certain while and start having performance issues. This is where we step in and act upon the loopholes. Having enough experience with numerous clients, we investigate the existing code for its quality, structure, performance, and security issues, and figure a way out to elevate the features. All this is done keeping in mind the timeline of the project and we align it with the rectifications needed. Once we are fit with facts, we dive into coding.

Join Hands With Us for Developing an Application

Armed with the understanding of the project, major features, and all minor details, we are ready to set up the outline! We get hold of our obsession with technology and determine the technology stack that fits the project best. A SCRUM product backlog is created to assure the stakeholders have a say in the deliverables and the project’s roadmap is followed religiously. To ensure transparency between the client and our team, enable combined tasks, team collaboration, efficient billing and reporting, we set up project management tools hereon.

Technology-driven Masterstroke

High Performance. High Quality

“Excellence is a habit!” - Aristotle
While adhering to the fixed timeline of product development, we also ensure no quality standard is neglected. We strongly believe in the ideology - Only the best will do. This drives us to look for the scope of continuous improvement in our coding practices and development standards. While taking up the project from you, we do understand that you expect the best hands to work on it. This is taken care of by the rigorous recruitment process we administer to hire only the most brilliant minds with a steady technical background.

Swift. Secure. Scalable.

The choice of the technology stack is done in such a way that it easily facilitates rapid application development. We focus on fast and flexible frameworks like Ruby on Rails, React Native, Angular JS and many of the best development frameworks. The product’s sustainability is kept in mind while figuring out the optimum solution. We also engage in technical communities through our internal platforms where we share various open-source projects.

Mobility And Speed Go Hand-in-hand.

Mobile applications have a huge base of diverse end-users. This raises the need for cost-efficient yet quick deliverables. Along with flexibility, the user experience plays a vital role in the app development process. Hence, we stress on developing Progressive Web Apps that can be easily shared through AppStore and Google Play Store without getting into a lot of investment. Nevertheless, we do create native solutions, if required.

Interface: The First Impression

Sketching The Product For Better Visualization.

Of all the aspects of application development, the design is the one that requires the most understanding of the end-user. Thus, we prefer to create mock-ups of the graphical user interface and keep on juggling various ends, twisting turns and a lot more till our creativity satiates itself. Further, we put ourselves into the shoes of the target user and craft the features that they would look for.

Prototyping - The Trial Version.

The digital sketch is then used for wireframing and creating the first working prototype of the product. This stage of the product is the one that is brutally experimented with. We give immense importance to this examination because it is necessary to know the world’s perception of the product to assure its usability. The customer judges the product more by its interface. Hence, we carefully note the feedback for this prototype and make further amendments to enhance the user experience. This reduces the possibility of defects in the final product.

Design - Perfect Seasoning To The Product.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” -- Steve Jobs Clutter is the failure of design. Effortless user experience comes from the simplicity and clarity of the design. Apart from information architecture and data flow, we also look into minute details as the overall look of the user interface and the vibe it creates for the customer. We also make sure the feel of the interface supports the brand identity it will be used for.

Agile Management - Client At
The Highest Priority

Increased Productivity And Value With Agile Approach

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking Our style of working is based on the modern Agile Product Management Approach. Why? The agile approach gives maximum credit to customer satisfaction. How? The team works on the project in short ‘sprints’ of time and after each sprint, the latest version of the product is released. So if you are not happy with any part of the version delivered, we work on it and include your feedback in the next iteration.

Transparency. Inspection. Adaptation.

These three principles lay the foundation of the SCRUM agile approach we follow. We look forward to communication and trust throughout the project management process, to ensure a healthy business relationship with our clients. We take collective responsibility for the end product and its usability. While managing iterative and incremental routines, we make sure our turnaround times are the least possible. Maintaining close contact with the owners makes the project management smooth and worthwhile.

Professionalism With Modernity

We love using technology and its wonders to provide the best experience for our clients as well as the best products possible. Just as the final product is important, the entire process of agile management is also vital. For the faster detection of issues, rapid deployment of solutions and optimal project control, we use reliable and professional tools like Slack and Jira. We welcome our clients to join us and maintain contact with the team members through these tools to keep everyone up-to-date about product development. Compliant practices are used with a lean strategy for the best results.