Quintero Solutions – Terms and Conditions

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This agreement sets out the ‘terms and conditions’ in which visitors / clients engage with Quintero Solutions to perform services as described on our website. This is a binding agreement that relates to our key clients and the company. If you associate with our company, you are agreeing to be legally bound by the ‘terms and conditions’ set out in this agreement. It will work from the date you make your first payment by obtaining digital marketing services from our company.

Some important details about the ‘terms and conditions’ related to our services are described below. It is recommended that you pass once before browsing our official website – Quintero Solutions

Our Services

Quintero Solutions provides digital marketing services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management (ORM), and the Website Design and Development.


We offer our services to customers who remember the company’s standard policies and procedures. Our company will be responsible for all possible activities related to our services. However, Quintero Solutions may change its policies and procedures and operating procedures from time to time only at its discretion.

Payment and Cost

Cost of services received by clients is expected and fully paid prior to the provision of the service. Clients can choose to make payments to our company in any official mode.

Liability Restriction

Quintero Solutions will not be liable to any client or company that guarantees under or through a client for any kind of loss or gain or other indirect, accidental or damaging offense whether any violation or agreement regarding this agreement is made even if Quintero Solutions is instructed by this agreement the risk of such injuries.


This ‘terms and conditions’ agreement includes the understanding and agreement of the parties regarding the subject matter here. This could be changed now and only with the realization of Quintero Solutions. An email or notification will be sent to the last email you received and will be considered sufficient notice of any changes to this terms and conditions agreement.