Simple solutions for complex challenges

With over 10 years of experience, we at Quintero Solutions provide end-to-endsoftware development services to industry-leading clients. Our comprehensive suite of scalable, high-impact web, mobile and custom software solutions help you solve complex business challenges, while improving efficiency and driving innovation and growth. Our customized solutions align people, processes and systems, and are designed to optimize your business performance at all steps.

Web Development

High-performing, intuitive web solutions tailored to your business requirements. We work with your existing brand or build an end-to-end solution from scratch that offers excellent usability, scalability, and compatibility for any device.

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Custom eCommerce Development

End-to-end, customised eCommerce solutions to help you drive traffic, maintain retention and increase ROI. Our team uses open-source CMS to build a reliable, interactive marketplace having a beautiful storefront, attractive product galleries, and all-in-one management systems.

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Cordova / PhoneGap Development

Robust, enterprise multi-platform mobile apps built to reach a larger business audience. Our team leverages the Cordova (formerly known as PhoneGap) open source development framework to create feature-packed applications that can run on multiple devices with a single source code.

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ASP.Net Application Development

Secure, scalable solutions and innovative, feature-rich websites using the ASP.Net framework. Our team of ASP.Net developers builds customised solutions for enterprise-level web applications targeted to drive business growth.

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Angular Development

Dynamic, scalable, and secure web applications developed using an AngularJS framework. Our team builds complete, scalable front-end solutions through a model-view approach and data binding that ensure seamless experiences across all devices.

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UI/UX Design & Development

Gorgeous, innovative designs coupled with exceptional code quality for your mobile and web apps.We combine creative, eye-catching elements while delivering excellent user experiences to help drive traffic, retention, and ROI.

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iPhone App Development

Complete turnkey iOS app development using the latest features and innovations from Apple’s market-leading platform. Our team of iPhone app developers are skilled in Swift, React Native, and Flutter to create impactful, customised iOS applications to meet and exceed your business goals.

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Android App Development

Visually stunning, user-friendly apps with engaging design and easy navigation for end-use customers. With a rigorous development process adhering to the highest quality standards, our developers create full-fledged, top-notch Android apps that awe and amaze.

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Digital Marketing Service

Transform your digital marketing efforts to achieve greater brand recognition, targeted communication, and higher ROI. Our team offers an integrated strategy that combines SEO, SMM, PPC, and reputation management to help you attain your business objectives.

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Powerful solutions delivered with optimal end-user experience

High performance. High quality

While adhering to the fixed timeline of product development, we also ensure no quality standard is neglected. We strongly believe in the ideology - Only the best will do. This drives us to look for the scope of continuous improvement in our coding practices and development standards. While taking up the project from you, we do understand that you expect the best hands to work on it. This is taken care of by the rigorous recruitment process we administer to hire only the most brilliant minds with a steady technical background.

Swift. Secure. Scalable

The choice of the technology stack is done in such a way that it easily facilitates rapid application development. We focus on fast and flexible frameworks like Ruby on Rails, React Native, Angular JS and many of the best development frameworks. The product’s sustainability is kept in mind while figuring out the optimum solution. We also engage in technical communities through our internal platforms where we share various open-source projects.

Mobility and Speed Go Hand-in-Hand

Mobile applications have a huge base of diverse end-users. This raises the need for cost-efficient yet quick deliverables. Along with flexibility, the user experience plays a vital role in the app development process. Hence, we stress on developing Progressive Web Apps that can be easily shared through AppStore and Google Play Store without getting into a lot of investment. Nevertheless, we do create native solutions, if required.

The Quintero Advantage – Agile Management

Increased productivity and value with Agile Approach

Our style of working is based on the modern Agile Product Management Approach. Why? The agile approach gives maximum credit to customer satisfaction. How? The team works on the project in short ‘sprints’ of time and after each sprint, the latest version of the product is released. So if you are not happy with any part of the version delivered, we work on it and include your feedback in the next iteration.

Transparency. Inspection. Adaptation.

These three principles lay the foundation of the SCRUM agile approach we follow. We look forward to communication and trust throughout the project management process, to ensure a healthy business relationship with our clients. We take collective responsibility for the end product and its usability. While managing iterative and incremental routines, we make sure our turnaround times are the least possible. Maintaining close contact with the owners makes the project management smooth and worthwhile.

Professionalism With Modernity

We love using technology and its wonders to provide the best experience for our clients as well as the best products possible. Just as the final product is important, the entire process of agile management is also vital. For the faster detection of issues, rapid deployment of solutions and optimal project control, we use reliable and professional tools like Slack and Jira. We welcome our clients to join us and maintain contact with the team members through these tools to keep everyone up-to-date about product development. Compliant practices are used with a lean strategy for the best results.