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Do you want to strengthen your online presence? Pick our PhoneGap App development services and build and design a universal app for different platforms. Being the best PhoneGap App Development Services Provider Company in India, we have the capability to developed cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android & Windows as per the customer’s requirement which is bringing modernization to life.

PhoneGap is an extremely popular framework to quickly build reliable, high-performing cross-platform mobile apps. It utilizes JavaScript CSS, HTML, etc to develop seamlessly functioning hybrid apps on different platforms, eliminating the need to deal with complex languages like Objective-C and Java.

PhoneGap App Development Services

With PhoneGap, you can offer a rich, intuitive environment for your users while also collect the desired metrics to implement swift iterations.  The best part of using the PhoneGap services provided by Quintero Solutions is you get complete App Development Services from PhoneGap app testing to PhoneGap app maintenance, we act as your one-stop-shop for all your PhoneGap development needs. We have delivered more than hundreds of Cordova app development projects across verticals for all business sizes across the world. We have expertise developing PhoneGap cross-platform applications for the business including retail, healthcare and lifestyle, business, travel and tourism, social networking, and entertainment.  At Quintero Solutions, we provide highly cost-effective customized PhoneGap app development solutions. Drawing on their extensive experience across different industry verticals like healthcare, education, and banking, our PhoneGap app developers use the latest technology stack to cater to your requirements and build feature-rich mobile apps with a quick turnaround time.

PhoneGap & Cordova App Development at Low Cost

At Quintero Solutions, we have a highly competent Apache Cordova developers’ team who are collaboratively elaborate in the design, development, testing, and release of hybrid mobile apps. You get low-cost PhoneGap & Cordova App Development services that suit any budget. Adoption of the best PhoneGap & Cordova App Development practice approach makes our PhoneGap App solution cost-effective and offers highly trustworthy in terms of technical superiority.

PhoneGap App Development - The Quintero Solutions Advantage

  • Highly experienced developers with specialized skillset
  • Business-oriented solutions
  • Custom native like apps
  • Flexibility to build any app
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing
  • 100% security
  • Round the clock support

Why Choose our PhoneGap App Development Services

PhoneGap App Integration

We develop PhoneGap Apps for all types of smart devices including patient monitoring, geo targeting, smart watch and more.

Empowering Growth

We let you save on building a mobile app for your business with our Cordova application development and PhoneGap development services. This is how we help your company grow.

We Build Value

People get poor performance with Cordova and PhoneGap apps often because there are a lot of inexperienced developers in the niche. But we at Quintero Solutions make sure that the app is high-quality and brings value.

Simplify PhoneGap Application Porting

Our experienced Cordova PhoneGap Development team use the codes of application which make your app more simplify porting to different platform.

Provide Best Tech Expertise

Our Quintero Solutions professionals have a lot of experience with JavaScript and with mobile development in general. Our team offer best technical idea discovery ensuring with that they understand what exactly is expected from a mobile app.

Data Security

Including quality and efficiency PhoneGap app development services, we also offer Data security Cordova development services which is one more important point that we cannot go unnoticed. Our expert PhoneGap App Development team take the necessary legal and technical processes to make sure that your app data and information of your users are safe.

Phonegap App Development Process - How we work

Flexible and fast development process of web and mobile apps.

Understanding Project Requirements

Consultancy call to gain insights on project needs, brainstorm concepts and chart out a path for execution.

Creating Wireframe for initial business solution

Do in-depth analysis and planning to create wireframes for a solution that resonates with your business goals.

Setting the Graphic and UI Design in Place

Visualize the project graphics and UI to implement the most appealing user-friendly designs.

Client feedback implementation for final delivery

Share initial draft with specifications and design with client, implement recommendations and feedback before getting final approval for the delivery of the app.

Performing quality checks

Perform meticulous quality checks and suggest necessary changes to make sure the app is free from any technical glitches or errors.

Developing functionalities and optimizing elements

Develop efficient functionalities and algorithms and ensure they integrate with design to create responsive controls and instantaneous interactivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

PhoneGap is a widely adopted technology, also known as Apache Cordova, which is a software development framework by Adobe System. It is mainly used to develop mobile applications. PhoneGap Development Company can offer services including the function to make bigger HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code work natively on iOS, Windows, and Android mobile operating systems.
PhoneGap and Cordova can usually be used interchangeably. PhoneGap is the registered product of Adobe and the framework’s future is in the hands of Adobe. Both the terms PhoneGap and Cordova are commonly used exchanging and together are open-source frameworks used to construct platform-independent mobile applications by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
The PhoneGap Build service distributed by the company Adobe, PhoneGap Build Tile on the application dashboard offers the ability to build and distribute your PhoneGap mobile application through the Adobe PhoneGap Build Service. Hiring the PhoneGap build service makes the entire procedure of building and deploying PhoneGap mobile applications to various mobile devices very simple. PhoneGap will create builds for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and other platforms in the cloud.
Other than providing a basic framework to run a web application within a native application, Cordova also provides JavaScript APIs to allow access to multiple device features, like the CRM, contacts database. And the Plugins Cordova provides a connection between our web application and the device's native features. This managed Cordova-based applications tool helps with the management of multi-platform Cordova applications and Cordova plugin integration as well. After installing these plugins and many other useful things that make the web development process easier.
Cordova offers a connection between web apps and mobile devices. With the help of Cordova, we can make hybrid mobile apps so that we can use the camera, geolocation, file system, and other intuitive mobile functions. The top features of Cordova are as below: Command Line Interface, Cordova Core Components, Cordova Plugins, and licensed Cordova.
The main advantages of Cordova are:
  • Cordova allows and delivers one platform for building hybrid mobile apps so we can develop a single app that can be used on multiple mobile platforms – IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Firefox OS, Amazon-fires, Ubuntu, and Tizen.
  • We can save our time as It is faster to develop a hybrid app than native app
  • Developers no need to learn platform-specific programming languages to work with Cordova, as JavaScript is used when working with Cordova.
  • There are many open add-ons that can be used with Cordova, these have numerous libraries and frameworks, which are improved for working with it.

PhoneGap is an open-source development framework mostly used by programmers now. They use PhoneGap Technology to build cross-platform mobile applications. PhoneGap hires a cover function to range HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to work natively on Android mobile operating systems, iOS, and Windows.

PhoneGap is an Open Source framework that supports building hybrid mobile applications which can work on all most mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and others. PhoneGap Framework offers a container that bonds the native APIs to the web view.

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