Quintero Solutions Helps 150+ Businesses at All Stages of Growth Outline Their Technology Requirements.

We provide, manage and support the framework and services that drive progress towards business goals.

You can see below some examples of our IT Solutions case studies:

Harrow Decor

Provided a full complement of eCommerce development solutions for both web and mobile platforms. We offered the best eCommerce development solutions that support outbreak competition and exceed sales expectations.

HarrowDecor #web #php #wordpress #institutes


Visitrack is a tablet based visitor management system that allows you to keep track of visitors with simply a tablet and a printer.

Visitrack #web #mobile #application

GenScript ProBio

Through our SEO service, GenScriptBio improved target keywords rankings that help to increase the business's visibility in search engines and at the same time drive qualified traffic to its website.

GenScriptBio #web #online application

Ashoka University

An innovative initiative in higher education in India led by eminent Indian leaders besides others in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania.
Ashoka University listed in top ten private universities in India.

We developed and continuously supporting all of their IT needs for the past 10 years.

Ashoka University #web #lms #SaaS #admissions


Admizzionz Campuz® helps students deal with this challenge by offering them a complete solution in choosing career options and pursuing an education path in alignment with those options. It is the only organisation that guides and supports students in obtaining college admission in India into a course that best matches their career aspirations and competence.

Admizzionz #web #php #ecommerce #Fees

Vesna Tour

Vesna Tours is an innovative travel organization with unique destination management skill set. They have capitalized brilliantly on their digital structure.

Vesna Tour #web #booking application


MBAGuru is rated as best CAT coaching in Delhi (as per Google reviews). Adaptive Prep for CAT at MBAGuru is 7 times more powerful than traditional CAT coaching. It is delivered by CAT 99+ %iler faculty pool. 10000s of students, JUST LIKE YOU, vouch for it to be the most powerful classroom preparation for CAT, ever!

MBAGuru #web #php #wordpress #institutes

Big Diamond

Big Diamond has a wide variety of contemporary, classic, traditional, floral or heart themed Natural Polished Diamonds.

Big Diamond engagement rings come in different types of shapes sizes & material. Big Diamond variance styles that will leave your companion speechless

Big Diamond #web #php #ecommerce #diamond

Real Heritage

Real Heritage is a young company backed up by the experience of three generations. Work for the best lighting suppliers in the UK and abroad.

They have numerous satisfied customers who trust us for our commitment and reliability.

Real Heritage #web #php #antiqueItems


A leading institution for management education in collaboration with the University of London.

We designed, developed and continuously managing and maintaining their website, application portal and LMS.

ISBF #web #lms #SaaS #admissions


XALTA is the first brand in India to produce Fruit based soft drinks. We have a wide range of products – ranging from Carbonated Fruit Drinks, Juices, Packaged Drinking Water and more.

XALTA #web #custom ERP #SaaS

Harrow Trading

Harrow Trading offers the premium designer lighting to prestigious Hotels, Historic Places, Yachts, and Premium Homes in State of United Kingdom.

We ensure they are always shining the success with our attractive UI/UX & Web Support.

Harrow Trading #web #designer lighting


The Institute of International Education (IIE) is non-profit organisation focuses on International Student Exchange and Aid, Foreign Affairs, and International Peace and Security.

IIE creates programs of study and training for students, educators and professionals from various sectors.

IIE #web #online application


A leading institution for degree programs in Fashion Design, Interior Architecture & Design, and Communication Design in collaboration with Kingston University, London.

We designed, developed and continuously managing and maintaining their website and application portal.

IIAD #web #admissions


NIIT Nguru provides a holistic range of K-12 learning solutions.

We designed, developed and currently managing their CMS based website.

NIIT NGuru #web #mobile #B2B

Somerville Vasundhra

Technology upgrade for construction management SaaS

Somerville Vasundhra #web #SaaS

Ari World

Asia’s largest marine institutes offering statutory and professional development courses from the pre-sea level through to senior level competency courses.

We designed and developed their website and online course booking module.

Ari World #web #mobile #B2B

URB Dispensary

Discover and explore dispensaries near you that provide the best deals. Generate coupons and track when they expire

URB Dispensary #web #mobile

Dr. Love

Dating app

Dr. Love #web #mobile

Taxi App

Driver and rider apps on iOS and Android platforms for live location tracking and links to a robust backend to setup and view details of drivers, ride history, billings, commissions with an array of reports

Taxi App #web #mobile #application