The Ultimate Guide to Making Money from Pinterest


Many of us creatives don’t realize you can make money on Pinterest also. Most people consider Pinterest is a floaty type of place where you can look at home and style inspiration, recipes, and wedding crafts, and although you can do all those activities, Pinterest is a very powerful tool. 

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual discovery search engine where people go on Pinterest to search for motivation and to try new things. The development of Pinterest has started in December 2009 and launched in March 2010. Nowadays Pinterest is a very popular platform and grew rapidly. You can find billions of Pins on Pinterest. As per a study done by eMarketer, Pinterest is the 2nd-largest social network in the US.

How does Pinterest work?

If you have a question in your mind- How does Pinterest work? Then here is the brief descriptions of How Pinterest works exactly. Users can able to post or “pin” original visuals, and also can do bookmark or “pin” them from across the Internet. And the posted pins make up a theme-based virtual photo album or gallery known as a “board. You can create an account, then log in, and like other users’ posts, or start your own.

How to make money from Pinterest and what amount money much?

If you have a question in mind how to make money on Pinterest? Here you know the answer to your question. Since 2010, Pinterest has been very popular and helping people find all information such as recipes, products, designs, DIYs, and people like, how to search lots of other random things. Pinterest is both a creative channel and a marketer’s dream which means you can earn money from Pinterest in several different ways. As Pinterest is the best way to drive traffic to your blog, you can also make money with display advertising. Moreover, it is a 100% legitimate, non-spammy way to make money on Pinterest. 

There are lots of several ways to make money on Pinterest. Here are the main ways how to make money on Pinterest for beginners in 2021:

Best ways to make money from Pinterest in 2021:

  • Start your blog

There are so many ways to make money on Pinterest, among them blogging is the best and highest earning potential. Day by day Pinterest has become the most used massive platform that allows many bloggers to reach millions of people on the internet. Like other trending social media platforms, Pinterest is also much more powerful which can help bloggers make money with their content. From food to personal finance bloggers are became extremely successful with Pinterest.

How to Make Money on Pinterest with a Blog?

  • First choose a blogging niche as per your need (food, personal finance, fashion, etc.)
  • Then create a user engaged content and post it on your blog, and after that monetize it with ads, affiliate products, or even sponsored placements
  • Create a Pinterest account
  • Create a Pin (i.e. and use an interesting image that specifies your blog post title)
  • And then Post the image on Pinterest in a particular pin.

When people search on Pinterest for something that matches your blog post, they will be able to see easily your Pin, click on it, and finally see your ads or buy products or services from you.

How to Make Money on Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be done when you have a partnership with most companies to promote products and/or services. In this process, the company gives you the unique link (affiliate link) which you need to put in your posts or pin and when Pinterest clicks on that link and makes a purchase. Here you paid a commission that you make a conversion. Affiliate marketing is one of the numerous different ways that bloggers make money.

Important things to know about affiliate marketing on Pinterest:

Some companies don’t permit you to post their affiliate links on Pinterest, so you must check with the company’s affiliate manager and you can read the rules of your contract.

And also most companies will not allow you to take images or logos from their website to be used when creating pins, even if you are doing affiliate marketing for them. Amazon is the best example.

When posting affiliate links on Pinterest, it does not want to allow you to mask or shorten the affiliate link. They want you to be as clear as possible.

You ever need to disclose your affiliate relationship. So you need to put #affiliate or #affiliatelink in your pin which is required by the FTC. 

You can do a joint promotion with a brand

In this joint promotion, a pinner works directly with a brand or company to create pins that promote the company’s products. Like product placement with a title, like “10 ways to reuse waste materials” or “5 tips for easy and affordable vacations.” 

If you wish to make money on Pinterest really through a joint promotion, then you need to have a successful account so that able to create awesome pins, such as:

The concept of the pin

  • Brand placement
  • Photography
  • Good Design of pin

While looking for brands to work with, Pinterest recommends/suggests you check out the Pin Collective.

Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your eCommerce site- How to drive traffic on Pinterest

If you are an online shop owner and have an eCommerce site, no matter it is through Shopify or Etsy, you can fetch traffic to your site and make money with Pinterest. Again, you are indirectly making money from Pinterest as you can control Pinterest’s powerful search engine.

Know why Pinterest is so important tool for your eCommerce site:

  • As per study 80 – 90% of Pinterest users say that this platform helps them decide what to buy
  • 80% of users say it is helpful to see content from brands they find on Pinterest
  • 66% buy something after seeing it on Pinterest
  • It is proved that Pinterest brings in 35% more traffic to shopping sites than Facebook does

Set up a Business account on Pinterest

You need to create a Business account on Pinterest which is completely free. If you want to make money from Pinterest, then you should have a Business account on Pinterest which is so. Why you need to Business account on Pinterest because:

Users having a personal Pinterest account cannot use it for business purposes.

  • Business account also gives you access to Pinterest analytics. This will offer you helpful information like how many users are watching your pins and which pins of yours receive the most clicks.
  • A Business account also allows you access to rich pins, promotion either you want to do promote your pins or other income-generating features.

Earn money by providing Pinterest Virtual Assistant services

You don’t need any experience or any expertise to make money as a virtual assistant. It is no doubt that Pinterest virtual assistants are in high demand these days as there are more than a million blogs and online businesses. Virtual Assistant services can be a great way to earn money from home.

What does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant (PVA) do?

With your Pinterest Virtual Assistant service, you can support build a client’s reach on Pinterest and maintain their existence on the social media platform. This means you can create pins to share on your client’s Pinterest account with a target page URL to help drive traffic to their website or sales page.

How much money can one make as a Pinterest VA?

As per Kristin, an absolute Pinterest VA beginner can make money around $15-$20 per hour. As per the study Pinterest VAs can earn up to $100 per hour. You can earn more it all depends on your experience, skills, education, and so on.

You can make money by selling your products/ Services on Pinterest

Pinterest is quite an amazing smart way to make money by selling your products or services. Just create a pin and link with a target sale page links to the sales page for your product.

You can sell anything whether want to sell digital products (eBooks, eCourses, Online courses, printable), physical products such as (clothing, jewelry home décor, books), or services (website designing, consulting, online coaching, virtual assistant). 

You can make money on Pinterest

How does one monetize on Pinterest?

You can fund so many ways to monetize on Pinterest, as now mentioned in this post. The most used ways to monetize include:

  1. Create pins for a lead for your magnets or sales pages on your site.
  2. Create pins to fetch traffic to your affiliate offers.
  3. You can find sponsorships in your niche.
  4. Set up Product Rich Pins on your account to connect to product pages on your website.
  5. Work as a Pinterest virtual assistant to help build a client’s reach on Pinterest.

Make money on Pinterest without a blog

How can I make money on Pinterest without a blog?

If you have no blog, you can still earn money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing.

  • Just you need to register and make a profile to be an affiliate for your favorite product or service.
  • Create attractive click-worthy Pinterest graphics and videos using a free tool like Canva.
  • Share your graphics on your Pinterest account and put your unique affiliate link in the posted pin URL.
  • And other ways to earn money on Pinterest without a blog are just to link to your online shopping store or you can become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

Sell your Pinterest Graphics & Templates

Most businesses or bloggers may be doubtful to outsource their entire Pinterest marketing effort, as many are still in need of high-quality and creative Pin designs.

But most people are selling a monthly subscription service for new Canva pin templates as well.

How to rank on the first page of Pinterest!

People are gaining referral traffic from pins from their Pinterest account which are ranking for particular keywords. You need to do SEO on Google, in this SEO strategy, you need to put high-volume keywords in your post title and description so that when users search with keywords, your post can see easily. You can put keywords on the platform that will help you generate your site referral traffic. You need to optimize your pins with the right keywords to rank on Pinterest.

How to Optimize Your Pin on Pinterest

  • Design a compelling pin (Use ‘easy to read’ with light-colored background, Use compelling images which can focus is on the text)
  • Use proper size image (If you want to know what is Pinterest pin size is- 736 pixels wide x 1104)
  • Post a pin on board that should contain your target keyword
  • Before you write any content for your pin post, research keyword ideas
  • Insert a hashtag on your pin
  • Always share the pin o relevant boards
  • Use a long description with target keyword in your pin
  • Share your pin on collaboration boards
  • Just Keep in mind Pinterest’s rules and regulations while posting

How you can search for keyword ideas on Pinterest by using the Pinterest search bar

Step 1. Type in your required keywords in the Pinterest Search Bar

Step 2. Write down the keyword variations, like the ones you see in the search suggestion list in the search bar.

Step 3. Stay clicking each one of those colorful suggested keywords until you have got a large number of keyword terms and ideas.

So what are you thinking just start making money on Pinterest today!


At the start, you will want to play around a while to get the hang of what Pinterest is like. As it is a comfortable platform and just understand how things work is essential before you start using tools to improve your results.

Canva: A Amazing Beginner Tool

Tailwind App: Powerful Pinterest Tool


So, the answer to the question, “Can one make money from Pinterest?” – Yes, one can make money on Pinterest. Pinterest can earn money for you when you truly dedicate yourself to it. And it is proved that these methods really work – so what are you thinking about get started and let us know what you think!

However, if you are serious about earning money from Pinterest, you need to give your best effort and strengths. Just pick a strategy, and do the implementation, We are so confident you can make money on the internet and differentiate your income streams by investing your time for few months of work.

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