The Advantages of Android App Development for Your Business

Top 5 Android App Development Companies in Delhi NCR

With nearly 85 percent of market share across the globe, Android has been a dominant entity. It has offered users numerous options without having to put a huge pinch in their pockets. Of all the competitors in this market, Android boasts a large number of users. It is a renowned technology all over the globe. There are many competitors however Android is one step ahead of all other competitors in all aspects. If you’re not informed about the Android App development advantages, iPhone App Development Services, this write-up can help in making your doubts easy to understand.

What are the Major Benefits of Android App Development Services?

There are many benefits to Android App Development Services that can be described like:


As an open-source platform Android software development kit SDK is easily accessible to developers. The cost-effectiveness of the SDK is also a crucial reason which makes it a key aspect for the rapid improvement of the business. It is possible to classify the development process into three distinct phases, which are according to:

  • Design and Development of Apps.
  • App Testing.
  • App Deployment.

Suitable for BYOD

BYOD is the term used to describe the use of your personal device for business which is widely used across different industries. Both methods improve communication and collaboration in the workplace, regardless of distance and time. Android can also help you apply the BYOD method with ease.

Flexible Customization

Android comes with extremely flexible and simple customizing options. Its robust OS can integrate all kinds of changes ranging from basic to complicated. It permits to modify and integrate a variety of tools and functions for managing data to stay up-to-date with demands and updates that are out available.

Security and Handy Marketing

Android has a strong advantage over its equal iOS in regards to the security of data. It has significantly reduced the risk of malware attacks. It has released several functional features that are beneficial to businesses like marketing an Android app as well as remarkable security.

Scope for Innovation

The worldwide presence of Android is a key reason for its growth in recent years. It’s possible to take advantage of the availability of premium app solutions that integrate with the latest technology like AR and VR, at affordable costs. Therefore, Android provides a variety of innovations that open the way to new opportunities for business.

Evolving Platform

Android is quite growing at a rapid pace. Many companies across the globe are trying their best to provide users with the best quality featured Android App Development by keeping the efforts and the investments less. They always keep improving and updating the new features in their quiver with advanced technology as per the interest and the choice of the users.

In the previous paragraph, we’ve discussed various features that are part of Android development. As a well-known technology around the world, it’s difficult to explain all of the features available in one place. If you are keen to get aware of all the remaining features, you may reach out to us at info@quinterocorp.com. We are the best Android App Development Company in Delhi NCR providing professionals Android Application Development Services in Delhi NCR to assist you in tackling every technical issue. Please feel free to contact us by contacting us at the address listed above. We’d love to hear from you.

List of 5 Android App Development Company in Delhi NCR India

Delhi is not just a Capital of India only but also an enormous resource for hiring the Top Mobile app development companies. There are many Mobile App Development service companies that are located in Delhi NCR. It’s a challenging task to select the right company among the numerous Mobile App Development Companies in Delhi NCR, Noida, and Gurgaon.

We’ve compiled an overview of the top mobile app development companies in Delhi NCR. It can assist you in locating the best mobile app development company for your requirements.

These are theTop Android App Development Companies in Delhi India:

  1. Quintero Solutions – is one of the top Android App Development Services companies across the globe. We’ve developed over 1000 mobile applications for each of the iOS as well as Android platforms that can be used by all kinds of businesses. Contact us today to receive an instant price estimate.

At Quintero, we create next-generation optimized Android applications that are durable reliable, secure, and reliable that will ensure positive business results and help to drive growth for your business.

Quintero’s full stack of Android app developers will help bring your vision and concepts to new heights through the creation of high-tech, highly secure business applications. Our custom Android application services meet your unique requirements, offer an intuitive user experience, and increase your ROI, regardless of the industry or field you’re in.

  1. Affle Enterprises – is a privately-owned World technology firm. It was founded in the year 2005 and is headquartered within Gurgaon, India, and Singapore. Affle has an international team of more than 200 members of the Mobile App and web developers organization.

With the aid of mobile solutions, it can help both giant and startup companies to tackle difficult business problems. Affle proposes to improve the return on investment in marketing via mobile-based contextual ads as well as reduce the risk of digital advertising fraud.

Affle enterprise enables offline companies to get online using application development on mobile platforms which allows O2O(Online offline) commerce and its data platform for users.

This complete Enterprise has created custom digital solutions for some of the largest businesses.

  1. AppSquadz – is a top mobile app development firm located in Delhi. Employ skilled mobile app developers to develop Android, iPhone, and web applications. At AppSquadz we will develop cutting-edge, fun, and simple-to-use web mobile apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry, HTML, PHP, and more. AppSquadz is one of the most innovative and top mobile app development firms in India.
  2. InnovationM – is an Android app development company based located in Noida, Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, India. The most trusted Android application developers from Noida. The best Android application development firm is located in Delhi NCR. Since the advent of smart devices, the function of an Android application development company has been among the most prominent components of the software business.

With an increasing amount of Android users and other apps, we as an Android app development firm in India have made significant gains of a software business to get its professional team to create advanced and flexible android applications.

  1. Appslure – is the most reliable Mobile App Development Company in Delhi, NCR, India. We develop customized android and IOS apps that follow the guidelines of Google and Apple for businesses with dreams.

Appslure is full-time engaged in mobile app development custom-designed for both android and ios. We have a large pool of mobile app developers that are in charge of more than 200 well-developed mobile applications.